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12 years of work experience and counting. Yet still learning every passing day! What keeps me going in technology is that it has the power of constantly surprising us with things that we thought were not possible.


About Me


I am a Full Stack Developer with a wide array of experience spanning close to 10 years. Apart from working as a full-time professional in some great companies, I have also worked as a freelance consultant with multiple clients worldwide.

The diverse experience helped me to understand unique perspectives, aspects and how different cogs in the wheel run the software industry from marketing, sales and in general a business point of view. All of this helps me to become more effective engineer in an organization as I am able to better understand all project stakeholders and their point of views.

NameHarshay Buradkar
AddressPune, India
  • Topcom Solutions - Remote
    ( April 2021 — Today )

    Sr. IT Consultant

    • Spearheaded a number of web application projects based on the MERN stack.
    • Quick analysis and grasped new client projects and underlying technologies to assist clients with various questions and difficulties.
    • Push through multiple feature implementations while adhering to strict functional and UI/UX specifications, reviews, and feedback cycles
    • Constructing pixel-perfect feature and components implementations and edits; utilized StorybookJS
    • Fetching and sending data to and from REST APIs using Axios; implemented mock server to remove server dependency for development
    • Devising preparation for ironing out project foundations; Supervising the development of UI & features; advice on best practices
    • Consulting with and aiding the business team in serving as a liaison between the engineering and business/product teams
    • Keeping clear co-ordination using Github issues and pull requests for an effortless and clear task and code management;
    • Providing expert technical guidance to our Product Management and Engineering teams and working in proximity with them to develop product and design specs for the components.
    • ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, Webpack, Typescript, Testcafe, Webpack, Jest, Material UI, Eslint, StorybooksJS, REST APIs

  • Wyder & Rapport - Pune, India
    ( July 2020 - March 2021 )

    Founder & Developer

    • Built UI module from ground up involving ReactJS, AWS Amplify, AWS Cognito, ReduxJS, Socket.IO, MomentJS, Formik, SASS, Axios, BlueprintJS
    • Successful and promising implementation of POC of smart robotic tools for online marketing; part of an International Founder Boot camp. This helped digital marketing professionals save hours and repetitive actions everyday
    • Exercised the role of being a lead communicator, mentored, and discussed with the team about the principles of quality software design and development approaches.
    • Held the ownership of ensuring that the team adhered to the software quality compliance and the performance criteria.
    • ReactJS, NextJS, Vercel, TailwindCSS, JXA, Browser extensions, Apple scripts, JavaScript for Automation (JXA)

  • Karrot Labs - Pune, India
    ( June 2018 - April 2020 )

    Founder & Lead Engineer

    • Built worker machines module based on NodeJS, AWS SDK, Express, Selenium, REST, Socket.IO, etc.
    • Went above and beyond and performed extensive research and experimentation to solve a tedious issue with setting up virtual video display on server on smaller EC2 server machines; thereby reducing server running costs by 80%
    • Gained experience and insights related to Project Management, marketing, sales & design, hiring and managing freelancers & interns.
    • Built UI module from ground up involving React JS, AWS Amplify, AWS Cognito, ReduxJS, Socket.IO, MomentJS, Formik, SASS, Axios, Blueprint JS
    • Internalized trade-offs of early optimization vs. rapid iterations to be applied to any & every work domain. This aided in prioritizing and funneling the inputs in the required area under a given period of time.
    • Piloted new tools and techniques for software development, gained insights in project management, marketing, sales, and design. Exposure to these helped me transform into an expert technologist

  • Upwork - Remote
    ( September 2017 — February 2019 )

    Senior engineer

    • Improved written & verbal technical communication; sent proposals & carry out contract discussions regularly
    • Worked on 4 ReactJS based projects for clients in Europe, North America & Australia; received 5 star ratings
    • Consulted on high level design, as well as, worked on getting them to a successful implementation stage
    • ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, SASS, Git, WordPress API, REST API, AWS, MongoDB

  • Freshbreeze Nets - Nagpur, India
    ( April 2017 — August 2017 )

    Ecommerce & Business development

    • Successfully performed business & technical challenges to establish an e-commerce arm for an offline business.
    • Brought to life a stunning WordPress e-commerce website with powerful analytics and user journey tracking
    • Stunning design & copy based on market research to establish amazing brand value that customer trusted instantly
    • Starting getting online channel orders from individuals & businesses within a few months
    • WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Copywriting, and in addition wore different hats for Ads, Marketing, Sales, Hiring, Analytics, Support

  • Intuit - Mountain View, USA
    ( August 2012 — February 2017 )

    Senior Software Engineer

    • Rewarded for flawless addition of authentication in a high traffic application without disrupting existing flows
    • Streamlined process of getting a newly translated text from translation team; made it handsfree and automated
    • Took a lead role in making application fully responsive; thereby removing 35% of mobile-only code
    • Promoted to Senior Software Engineer in 2015 & led the frontend team consisting of 4 software engineers
    • Backbone.JS, Javascript, ReactJS, Java, Handlebars, SASS, Git, Agile, CSS, HTML, AWS, Splunk, JIRA, Pagerduty

  • Rochester Institute of Technology - New York, USA
    ( September 2011 — May 2012 )

    Teaching Assistant

    • Awarded this very prestigious opportunity with a good compensation, tuition waiver & office space
    • Received great feedback from students for live coding, recitation sessions & office hours - Python, C++, Java

  • AMD - Sunnyvale, CA
    ( June 2011 — August 2011 )

    Software Engineer, Intern

    • Helped with performance benchmarking of latest unreleased processors & understood internal tools - C++

  • Gameloft - Hyderabad, India
    ( July 2008 — July 2010 )

    Game Programmer

    • Received accolades from peers and supervisors for solving 3 notorious long standing issues affecting multiple teams • Worked on porting about 30 games from one device to another - Java, C, C++. Awarded with two promotions within 2 years.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, USA
    ( 2010 — 2013 )

    Computer Science

    Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, May 2013.

  • Sinhgad College Of Engineering - Pune, India
    ( 2003 — 2008 )

    Computer Engineering

    Bachelor of Engineering (BE), 2008.











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